Keep Dixon in Dixon

Provo School District has made the decision to close Dixon Middle School. They had the option to build a new school on the same site for the same cost, but instead have chosen to build a new school on the outskirts of town.

As a group, we have been engaging with them on this issue for years. Before their previous attempt to move the school in 2019, we presented an informal petition with over 1000 signatures to the board in favor of keeping the school on site. Despite the outcry from the community, they went ahead with their attempt to move the school.

We successfully led a campaign against that bond, with over sixty percent of voters opposing it. In the next election, two out of the three incumbent board members lost their reelection campaigns to candidates who were advocates for keeping Dixon in Dixon. These new board members represent both the Dixon neighborhood and the area around the alternate location.

Despite these election results, and the overwhelming community input in favor of keeping the middle school where it is, the district is refusing to alter their plans and are determined to leave the neighborhood.

This time they are using an obscure bonding process to avoid giving Provo’s voters any input. Their unilateral action will immediately raise taxes to build a new school on the edge of the city. There will not be an opportunity to vote unless we gather enough signatures through a formal petition process.

Their insistence on moving the school from the historic, established neighborhood has unfortunately delayed other school projects all over the city. Together we can make the right decision, to rebuild the school in the same location, and let our district move on to addressing the other needs of the district.

If you are interested in helping us keep Dixon in Dixon, please sign our petition, help gather signatures, or donate.